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I very seldom remember my dreams, so imagine my surprise when, as I combed my hair thismorn, I looked over at my partially finished bridesmaid dress and recalled a dream I had had during the night.

I was getting ready to board the plane for Canada, giving my bags to the lady behind the desk, and then going down the long tunnel when it occurs to me that my dress is not finished. After moments of panic and wondering why I put it off so long, I realize that it's march and not time to go to Canada yet. I leave the tunnel to go home, and realize I need to go back and get my bags.  I go back and see that they are still behind the desk and am relieved that they are not on their way to Canada.  I ask for them back, and she tells me I cant have them.  It's a bit blurred from here on, but I think I got the back and got a new ticket (Mine got torn?  Like a movie or concert ticket.  I know, it makes no sense.) and all was good.

Moose, If I start having nightmares, I'm going to be a very cranky bridesmaid.

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Bought my ticket! We found a sudden dip in airline prices that were too nice to pass up. Will be flying for about 500 less than I was looking at before.



Feb. 17th, 2009 12:53 pm
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My hair is tied in knots, my teeth have grit in them, and my eyes are still watering from the crap that flew into my contacts, causing me to have to walk to the bus stop with my eyes half closed, a hand over one side of my face, and all the while trying to peer through my hair to see so that I can walk to the bus without being blown down the hill right beside the path.

I hate the wind.

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Posting from downstairs at home... cannot be bothered to go upstairs and get laptop. Spent the day shoping with family. Many people looking at us funny... Had to apologize to one man... "sorry, surrounded by lunatics." He laughed.

Update: next morning. Got drafted for my google fu skills. More shoping today. Family staying due to snow. More later.

New toy

Nov. 11th, 2008 06:26 pm
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Am writing from bus station, having missed bus. Am quite irked, as is stupid local bus's fault, but at least there is another bus soon. I'm the mean time I decided it was as good a time as any to try out this new app on my iPod. Bus here. At least there will be Mentalist tonight. Show has effect on me slightly similar to chocolate.


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