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Great.  12 days into this journal, and I've already lost track of time.  I should have known to worry when we saw the gumdrop road.  An the candy cane gate.

I especially should have know this was going to be a bad day when we got attacked by a bunch of hypnotized fae.

Note: having just awoken from being beaten unconscious, I cannot vouch for the veracity of my recollections.  Heck, I'm not even sure what day it is.  For now, I'm just goign to curl up on top of Megs and wait for the world to stop spinning.
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Day 11

It's official.  The darfallen is highly useful in the water... and pretty much fails on land.  We just crossed to rivers (well, two sections of the same rifer) and white the Darfallen swam quite well, she did not succeed in keeping us dry by holding her part of the rope.  I'm cold.  And I'm wet.  On the upside, I didn't lose what we assume is Dalen's ring when I fell in the river.


We've run across a snowstorm and have gotten disoriented.  We've decided to rest for the night in the hopes that we won't get any more lost, or freeze as night falls.  We hope for a beter day tomorrow.
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Day 8

Feeling much better today.  This is good because we set out after Dalen today.  That's the knight we're following.  The temple gossip tells us that he headed out towards a wasteland area.  Lucky us, we get to follow.

(Rest of entry, as well as a few following are obscured by water damage)
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Day 7

I've been unable to write for several days, for many reasons including the fact that we all nearly died.  The fight is rather blurred, but I do remember that there was some black ice that we absolutely should not under any circumstance touch, and that Megs finished off the last guy... by falling on him.  Everything else, from caring for the Darfallen on the way back to the journey itself, is a bit fuzzy in my memory, despite the fact that I gave a report on it to his Lordship not a few hours ago.  I do remember the new assignment he has given us, however.  We have to track down a knight who did stand on the ice, and has now wandered off.


Also...  he's charging us 20% interest on the tab that bubblehead left for him.  Gonna kill that elf.
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Day 4

Dear St. Cuthbert.  Please let us survive this and let me wreak retribution on my enemies.

Please don't let us die.

This evening we camp in a small side cave that seems to be quite safe.  It was another rough day.  I used the last of the scrolls and, once again, all my healing spells.  We're resting in hopes of recovering again.  Tomorrow's not likely to be any easier.  We faced 6 more clerics, five of who were chanting around an alter.  The sixth showed up during the fight.  The alter freaks the heck out of me, and I can't seem to find a way to turn the thing off.

So tired...
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Day 3

We are so doomed.

Before we left the town, the clerics of the town gave us two healing potions.  Since, we have acquired three more scrolls of healing.  I have used all my own healing spells, both potions and a scroll, and we are still in pretty bad shape, and we still aren't quite sure what in the name of St. Cuthbert is going on in that cave.

Except that it's bad.

Really bad.

Let me go back.  We arrived at the cave in the early evening.  We entered and wandered down a maze of corridors.  When we finally came across a door, we were forced to fight a neanderthal who was guarding the room.  It was a simple battle, that wasn't the problem.  The problem was the icons of Iborighu that littered the room.  This guy's on my "Top Ten Most Creepy and All Around Bad Gods" list.  This is also where we found the healing scrolls, as well as two with attack spells.

After wandering the caverns a bit more, we wandered into a large cave with an ice bridge that we tried - and failed - to cross.  While we struggled with the ice, about five clerics came running.  Once we crawled out of the pit (or rather as we did), they attacked, and, well... it did not go well.  We were pretty evenly matched, but the elf flailed about, and the Darfallen seemed a bit thrown by so much time out of the water, or at least off of it.  On top of that, when we finaly got one down, one of them went running for reinforcments, and we were unable to down him before he got away.  Then one of the three left summoned this little ice imp who would not stop talking.  We finally defeated them all, but decided to beat a hasty retreat, as we were in thoroughly bad shape, and we had no idea how much backup the last guy would be bringing.

We are now camped for the night outside the cave.  I can only hope a night's sleep will restore us enough to continue exploring tomorrow, because if we do continue tomorrow, we're sure to encounter more trouble.

So very doomed.
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Day 2

Note:  Bunnies in this part of the world come in a fanged and carnivorous variety.  Downside:  Interrupted sleep and minor injuries.  Upside:  Bunny snacks.

Day (and night) otherwise uneventful.

Elf still bloody annoying.
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Day 1

I take up this pen to record the events of my time in this strange new land. My memory seems to be unreliable at best, as I can remember my name, a few details of the shipwreck, a few other things that come to me as they will, and nothing else.  It therefore seems a wise idea to keep a journal, in case my memory fails me again.

As I mentioned, we were shipwrecked, and apparently washed upon the shore some days ago. The only survivors seem to be one of the crew (a darfallen), myself, and the most bubble-headed elf I have ever had the displeasure to meet.  I will admit I spent the better part of the day blaming the darfallen for the wreck, but after we set out, it seemed a bit pointless.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

We awoke in a hospital of sorts, with a neanderthal woman who had apparently gotten caught in a snow storm.  They tell me that it's summer here, but the ground is covered with a thick blanket of snow.  And despite what they continue to tell me about the unseasonably warm weather, it's cold.  So very cold.  After a warm bath and some clean clothes, we were taken to see the lord of the keep by a halfling who Megala (the aforementioned neanderthal, who I like to call Megs) has dubed "Appetizer".  The elf she calls "Bunny", and the darfallen she calls "Clicky" due to the clicks inherent in the orca-woman's language.  She promptly dubed the lord of the keep "sparkle bunny" due, I imagine, to the silver that tipped his ears.  I was afraid for a moment that he would be offended, but he seems to humor her, which, I admit, despite everyhting else, endears him to me a bit.  For a big and intimidating as she is, she is really rather sweet.

Anyway, the hafling and the lord don't seem to get along, and the elf... well... she seemed to think it was love at first sight.  He is attractive in the way that elves usualy are, but I don't think that it warants nearly the reaction she gave.

It seems were are rather in his debt.  In a very real monetary way.  I suppose in a place as arctic as this there isn't much room for charity.  In return, we are to work for him.  Our first assignment it seems is to go check out this haunt where a knight of the same order as our host went... well... insane.

Everyone keeps telling us we don't want to go up there.  I keep agreeing, but saying that we haven't a choice.

We bought supplies... and went a bit overbord.  I was about ready to take a few things off our list, when that blasted elf told her thet his Lordship was taking care of the tab.  He's gonna kill us.  So now we are camped on the edge of town, so as to temporarily avoid his wrath.  The darfallen and I share a tent, so it seems rather pointless to hold a grudge.  Don't go to bed angry an all that.

Tomorrow we start the two day journey to the cave.



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