Sep. 11th, 2009 10:59 pm
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Con report:  Lots of pictures taken, no panels attended.  Am tired. Other Saturn cosplayer sweet, though.
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Long day.  But I survived.

So, explanations.  Many months ago, my sib wanted to know what I meant by squeeing over fukus.  I never explained.  You see, the reason we're getting accosted so much is because we are sailor scouts.  I'm Saturn, obviously, complete with wig and glaive.  We also have a Mercury (Aeris from last year) a Jupiter and a Mars.  On top of that, we have all four first season generals.  Jadeite will only be there tomorrow, but the rest were there all weekend.  Mercury's boyfriend (Reno) is Zoicite, and any who are familiar with the scout general pairings will understand how much joy that brings us.  Both he and Nephrite (Auron) do not need wigs for the part, even if Zoicite's hair's a bit dark.  He still looks awesome.  He's got the pose down pat.  They all made their costumes.  They're amazing.

I masterminded the scouts.  They all made their own, but I did the figuring out how.  With a bit of trial and error on the way, and quite a bit of panic at the end, we made it.  And we're reaping the rewards.  Acostments and glomps left and right.  So, after being pined to one spot by cameras for a while, we discovered that registration was closed.  Then, when I got my glaive peace tied, we were pointed to where the pre-reged among us could check in.  The ninja (yes, ninja, we also had [livejournal.com profile] qtecuttlfish , Itachi and a earless catgirl with us), Mars, Nephrite and I went off without a hitch, but Mercury's badge was nowhere to be found.  After trying everything we could think of, I eventually concluded that her name had been mixed with another of thos registered under my e-mail, but I doubted they would tolerate my suggesting a number of different surnames.  Zoicite picked up without trouble, and just as i was about to walk off, they called me back.  When they had gone lookign for Zoicite's they has stumbled across one with Mercury's first name.  They asked if I knew her e-mail, and I rattled off two that failed to be the one they had before realizing that of course, it was mine that it was under.  Once that was confirmed, they gave me the badge, I told them "it figures," explained to [livejournal.com profile] qtecuttlfish and the ninja, who giggled (well, the ninja clapped her hands), and I went off to find the group around the corner, where I told them, "It's a sign.  You're married."  For the last name she was given - her boyfriend's.  The ninja silently congratulated Zoicite while Mercury ducked arund the corner to thank the staffers for marrying her so early.  The rest of the evening we pretty much spent getting acosted.

Today I was tired a moody, and i seemed like my earrings and tiara were out to get me.  In the dealer's room, I did find a Saturn print that I bought.  Then Mercury got a run in her tights.  We tried to find a needle and thread or nail polish, but the giftshop had none.  So I offered to take her back to the hotel.  On the way to the car, the bottom of my glaive broke.  I took the wrong on ramp, immediately realized it, got off on the other side of the tech center, and preceded to take the longest most winding route back to the proper on ramp, which some might call getting lost.  Then once we got her stitched up, I locked us out of the room.  Once we got a new key, she made a comment about hoping we didn't get blown up.

"Don't say that!  Now that youve said that, someone will have mistaken my car for another and have planted a bomb, and the minute I turn the key in the ignition, the car will blow up."  It didn't.  When I said as much she replied, "Yet."

"Don't SAY that!"

Luckily, we made it back in one piece.  In other news, saw [livejournal.com profile] giant_robot090 's brother, and a friend of mine won something in the cosplay competition.  She deserved it.  I'm so happy for her.

Also, while cloak is some protection against the weather, suede boots do not offer much against puddles.

That is all.

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God, I hate my life.  I got next to no sleep last night.  Couldn't seem to doze off.  Room was too hot.  Can't complain about the bedfellow though.  Quite considerate.  Hope my mood improves.  Ought to have written last night, had the time, just forgot.

Ooh, [livejournal.com profile] qtecuttlfish just called for Starbucks orders.  Love.

Last night was great.  I know I usually keep an accostment tally.  I lost track after the first five minutes at the con.  We didn't even make it to registration without being accosted by at least five people.  One was rather creepy.  Creepy fanboy.

Okay, I need to get dressed and i;m pretty incoherent thismorn.

More later.


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