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Sometimes includes actual sitting.  I've longed to use the duct tape roll up in my desk several times... mostly when thy got into my panther collection.  There has been lots of videos and DVDs and video games, a trip to the park, a trip to the library,

At current, my sibling is pretending to be asleep while the kid try to wrestle him out of my spot on the couch.  At one point both left the room, only to have the younger, a boy, run back in, climb up on him, shake him, climb down and run out.  A minute later, he ran back in, backed away from the couch, ran at thee couch, tried to jump on, shook him a bit, and then ran off again.  Then he ran back in, backed up again, even farther, and tried to leap on top of my brother.  Just after, it was sissy's turn.  She ran in and started pulling on my brother's blankets.  Eventually it ended with my brother pretending as if he thought the older one was his stuffed animal, and hugging her beneath him.  I wish I had a video camera.

In other news, Tonks is stalking me.  I keep seeing women with pink hair everywhere.  More than ever I have before.  At the mall, at school.  Somehow it says something that my first thought was that Tonks was stalking me.  I couldn't tell if she was at the con.  Every third girl had pink hair there.  I think I lost her though.  I haven't seen her all week.  Or perhaps she overheard me telling [profile] wondermatt (Auron) that I thought she was stalking me.  Perhaps she didn't think I would notice and when she realized I did, she got less conspicuous.  After all, she is a metamorphmagus.

I have even more paranoid ravings... but I'll spare you them for now.


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