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You can thank [personal profile] katerina_black for the fact that you all are still alive today.  It was in serious question.  For a while there, I just wanted to kill everyone and be done with it.  This is not England, so there was no choice.  I got cake, you got death.

The last day was good.  I was well rested, I had no idea when Tess came to bed the night before, which was how I liked it.  There was the minor problem with me seeing a little more underwear than entirely necessary, but I inspected the ceiling and contemplated whether or not I could get my overprotective older brother to put some of those ninja moose of his to use in defending my honor, or innocence, or whatever it is he thinks he defending when he tries to kill Yaten.  Had nice peaceful breakfast with Auron and Reno, despite what Auron would have you think, and eventually the Wolfman, then turned into dictator!CS and threatened to leave twelve-year-old behind when we checked out if he didn't get up, as we had to check out in a half an hour.  I do not say I was ordering people about because I think I singlehandedly got us ot on time in such a way, but because I felt a bit bad for being all bossy.  It was perhaps necessary, though perhaps not.  We may never know.  Did not get into costume, which sped things up.

We hit the dealers room once w got there, and I liked it more this time, for reasons that may or may not have ranged from not actually expecting to find anything this time to not being tired, in costume, and overheated.  Discovered adorable Kyo picture that I decided that I had to have.  Decided that 80 was perhaps a bit much to spend on Fruits Basket DVDs, despite the fact that I had only spent 15 of the 200 I had brought to spend.  We then preregistered for next year with the cash that I did not spend on Fruits Basket, and I suddenly became the proud owner of five souls.  Well, four, one had her own cash to use on hand.  Before I could rush off to pawn them for wealth and immortality and the like, they promptly paid me back.  Curses.

We then went to see who won the AMV awards.  Alas, the one set quite flawlessly to Wicked's "What Is This Feeling" lost to a Wierd Al song... not that it didn't deserve to win, mind you.  I also was pulling for the quite entertaining vid set to Godspell's "All For The Best,"  as well as the One Piece vid that contradicted the "piracy is illegal" ad on the beginning of DVDs.

Then we went to pick up the pieces that the group bid on in the art auction, and after a long convoluted process that does not bear explaining, we headed home.  That went well enough, all things considered, but somewhere between getting out of the car once at Auron's house and preparing to get back in to go home, I decided that people were a generally bad idea and that I should no longer have to put up with them.  Once home I realized that I had in fact missed the birthday party form my small cousin that I had hoped to make, though I was brought cake (see, cake!), and went up into my room to sulk and loathe humanity in peace.  This did not work out so well, as my brother had not been able to annoy me all weekend and decided to make up for lost time.  At this point, I decided that I ought to let [personal profile] katerina_black  know that I was no longer going to be with family all evening, and so was free for kidnapping.  She was all to kind as to comply, and brought along a friend of ours from high school.  Promptly at a half an hour late, they arrived to whisk me off to pick up another friend form  the airport, who demanded booze.  We were only too happy to comply.  We found ourselves a nice pub downtown, and proceeded to turn Angry CS into Happy CS.

I say this as if it were the point of the evening.  It wasn't but it happened anyhow, and I am thoroughly grateful.  I like being happy.  Much less exhausting.  And I have somehow managed to give a more thorough description of today than I have the entire weekend.  Ah, well, I probably won't go back and remedy that.  It was a good weekend.  I knew this in my mind when I got home, but the rest of me has just now caught up.  Hurah!
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Was sorely disappointed with the selection in the dealers room.  Or rather, there was a great selection, but nothing I was much wanting, specifically Sailor Moon.  AMVs were a bit sad until the comedy section, which was kinda awesome.  Costumes and Cosplay were awesome, so I'm glad I got the group to stay.  There was also the anime dating game, was much fun.  There were more demands for pictures, but Auron still wins with like... 35?  Unless you count that Reno got the lackey, who kept popping up.  Oh, and Aeris got an in character skit.  A guy came up to her and said "I don't know how to break it to you, bit you die at the end of the first disk."  She got all weepy, and just then, Sephiroth walked by.  The guy added, "by him!"  and then another friend pointed and shouted "MURDERER!"  Which several people around echoed.  After the cosplay, we went for dinner at Garcias, and then half of of us headed home.  To the hotel, that is.  It's nice to just sit back and relax.  I did a bit of a repair job on Aeris's costume courtesy of  the bag of thread and needles I had the foresight to bring with me, and am now doing some embroidery on some ribbon I've got with me.
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Slept terribly.  Was teh suck.  Amusing morning though.  We didn't need alarm, as we were getting up before it outof bad sleep.  I tried to keep peoples voces down, but that went out the window when Aeris squeeked, as Reno had rolled over on her.  Then began the great escape.  Every time it seemed she had escaped, she grabbed her and pulled her back in.  There was much laughter, and some head injuries.  He let her up when Tess insulted her, though.  Now there seems to be some wacky bondage fun with Aeris's bow.

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First night at the Con.  Were too late for the dealers room, so wandered about a bit, looked in the artist room, saw and were seen.  Have been glomped.  And Photographed.  The boys are getting more attention, though.  Reno not happy that Auron is getting more attention, but Reno had a very short lackey following him about for a bit.  Am very proud of Garnet outfit.  Have been glad I made it so warm.  Much Love to [personal profile] katerina_black for all help in putting it together.

Tis late.


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