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Just finished watching Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, and went poking around the IMDB boards, like I do.  I have found the most gross misinterpretation of the film ever.

To summarize:

"The movie starts with the Surprise being sunk and becoming a ghost ship in the opening sequence. The next few sequences tell the story of the Acheron believing that the Surprise is a ghost ship and running away from it. The Acheron is chased by the "ghost ship" into a storm where the Acheron then sinks and becomes a ghost ship. The final sequences in the Pacific/Galapagos represent the battle of two ghost ships, and The Galapagos symbolize heaven. The final battle is a battle between two ghost ships, which is how a Doctor who died months ago can suddenly be alive to hand Aubrey the Captain's sword. Everybody dies once in the real world to continue on as ghosts, and then can be killed again in the after-life. "

And this person wont' be convinced otherwise, even when being told that this is adapted from a series of books that are all about the Captain and the Doctor and naval warfare in the Napoleonic wars, and nothing about ghosts.

I laugh.  I have seen some pretty interesting interpretations read into things before, and even agreed with them, but this takes the cake.


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