Mar. 21st, 2009

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Ah, what a week.  Minterms, take home midterms, papers for books i had not yet bought...

And then to celebrate the end of such a week and the start of spring break, I decided to get up at 6 AM to volunteer at Destination Imagination.

Children wander past in strange costumes and parents wander up looking frazzled and lost... and grandparents wander up looking just plain lost.  Then there are the team managers who wander pas crying "Help, help! I must catch them, for I am their leader."  Amidst all this is me who got my crash course in the layout of this school lat night.  Luckily, I do know most of the answers.  Except for what to do with a certain Challenge Master's 401K.  Or why the sky is blue.

I do however take on the alternate aspects of pre-order pickups, lost and found, volunteer check in, go between, and sympathetic ear.  Also, the brand new job of prop delivery person, and refused the job of babysitter.  Lost child comes to me that's one thing, but I'm not going to detain any boy who answers to your vague description of gray shirt dark hair.

But hey, I got Tacos this year, instead of some supermarket sandwitch pack.  And a walkie talkie, so it was a little easier to play messager.

Almost 4:30, which is when I get to pack it up.

Have been up for 12 hours.  Am doing surprisingly well.

Time to pack it in?


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