Feb. 22nd, 2009

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Day 4

Dear St. Cuthbert.  Please let us survive this and let me wreak retribution on my enemies.

Please don't let us die.

This evening we camp in a small side cave that seems to be quite safe.  It was another rough day.  I used the last of the scrolls and, once again, all my healing spells.  We're resting in hopes of recovering again.  Tomorrow's not likely to be any easier.  We faced 6 more clerics, five of who were chanting around an alter.  The sixth showed up during the fight.  The alter freaks the heck out of me, and I can't seem to find a way to turn the thing off.

So tired...
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Day 7

I've been unable to write for several days, for many reasons including the fact that we all nearly died.  The fight is rather blurred, but I do remember that there was some black ice that we absolutely should not under any circumstance touch, and that Megs finished off the last guy... by falling on him.  Everything else, from caring for the Darfallen on the way back to the journey itself, is a bit fuzzy in my memory, despite the fact that I gave a report on it to his Lordship not a few hours ago.  I do remember the new assignment he has given us, however.  We have to track down a knight who did stand on the ice, and has now wandered off.


Also...  he's charging us 20% interest on the tab that bubblehead left for him.  Gonna kill that elf.
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Day 8

Feeling much better today.  This is good because we set out after Dalen today.  That's the knight we're following.  The temple gossip tells us that he headed out towards a wasteland area.  Lucky us, we get to follow.

(Rest of entry, as well as a few following are obscured by water damage)
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Day 11

It's official.  The darfallen is highly useful in the water... and pretty much fails on land.  We just crossed to rivers (well, two sections of the same rifer) and white the Darfallen swam quite well, she did not succeed in keeping us dry by holding her part of the rope.  I'm cold.  And I'm wet.  On the upside, I didn't lose what we assume is Dalen's ring when I fell in the river.


We've run across a snowstorm and have gotten disoriented.  We've decided to rest for the night in the hopes that we won't get any more lost, or freeze as night falls.  We hope for a beter day tomorrow.
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Great.  12 days into this journal, and I've already lost track of time.  I should have known to worry when we saw the gumdrop road.  An the candy cane gate.

I especially should have know this was going to be a bad day when we got attacked by a bunch of hypnotized fae.

Note: having just awoken from being beaten unconscious, I cannot vouch for the veracity of my recollections.  Heck, I'm not even sure what day it is.  For now, I'm just goign to curl up on top of Megs and wait for the world to stop spinning.


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