Feb. 12th, 2009

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Day 2

Note:  Bunnies in this part of the world come in a fanged and carnivorous variety.  Downside:  Interrupted sleep and minor injuries.  Upside:  Bunny snacks.

Day (and night) otherwise uneventful.

Elf still bloody annoying.
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Day 3

We are so doomed.

Before we left the town, the clerics of the town gave us two healing potions.  Since, we have acquired three more scrolls of healing.  I have used all my own healing spells, both potions and a scroll, and we are still in pretty bad shape, and we still aren't quite sure what in the name of St. Cuthbert is going on in that cave.

Except that it's bad.

Really bad.

Let me go back.  We arrived at the cave in the early evening.  We entered and wandered down a maze of corridors.  When we finally came across a door, we were forced to fight a neanderthal who was guarding the room.  It was a simple battle, that wasn't the problem.  The problem was the icons of Iborighu that littered the room.  This guy's on my "Top Ten Most Creepy and All Around Bad Gods" list.  This is also where we found the healing scrolls, as well as two with attack spells.

After wandering the caverns a bit more, we wandered into a large cave with an ice bridge that we tried - and failed - to cross.  While we struggled with the ice, about five clerics came running.  Once we crawled out of the pit (or rather as we did), they attacked, and, well... it did not go well.  We were pretty evenly matched, but the elf flailed about, and the Darfallen seemed a bit thrown by so much time out of the water, or at least off of it.  On top of that, when we finaly got one down, one of them went running for reinforcments, and we were unable to down him before he got away.  Then one of the three left summoned this little ice imp who would not stop talking.  We finally defeated them all, but decided to beat a hasty retreat, as we were in thoroughly bad shape, and we had no idea how much backup the last guy would be bringing.

We are now camped for the night outside the cave.  I can only hope a night's sleep will restore us enough to continue exploring tomorrow, because if we do continue tomorrow, we're sure to encounter more trouble.

So very doomed.


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